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We put you in control of any problem that you may encounter so that recovery from that problem becomes second nature. We help you gain the ability to get you to a safe landing or to keep you from getting into more trouble until you can review the emergency checklist.

Our Services

Building Time in a Flight Simulator

Full Six Degrees of Motion Simulator

Our custom built six degree of motion sim is fully enclosed and creates total movement and actual flight characteristics. It is used for high end training in our high performance aircraft. This includes jet training, turboprop training, large twin engine training and complex aircraft training. We wanted to give an actual aircraft feel that some sims just do not do.

Instrument Training

Our initial instrument sim can give you procedure training including the initial sim training required for the instrument rating, six month instrument competency checks, Garmin 1000 and Garmin 530 training and part of the instrument proficiency training if you are too late to complete an instrument currency. The primary sim is in addition to our full six degree of motion sim. We can also set up the primary sim for several different aircraft types. By appointment only.

Other Aircraft Training Courses

Twin Aircraft Training - Piston

Twin Cessna - All Models

Beechcraft Baron - All Models

Insurance Training - Recurrent and Initial

One Day Emergency Training


What Pilots have to say about our Simulator and Instructors.

Best Aviation Safety Investment in years! Say goodbye to the national aircraft simulator training folks. Let’s face it: the big companies focus on the clients with big jets. They either have outdated, malfunctioning simulators, and/or low time instructors that have little or no experience in piston twins. Hands down Aircraft Simulator Training has the best equipment, and by far the best training for those of us with piston twins. Their motion simulator is state of the art. Their instructors have thousands of hours of real world experience. I can say without question, working with these folks gave me the best general aviation training experience in over 8,000 hours of flying. I can unequivocally recommend them to anyone.
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We build custom training to fit you and your level of experience.