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Our training goal is to put you in control of any situation that you may encounter.  We train so that recovery from that problem will become second nature to you.  We train to help you gain the ability to get to a safe landing. We train to keep you from getting into more trouble until you can review the emergency checklist.  We train to help you save your passengers and your aircraft.

Aircraft SIMULATOR Courses

in our state-of-the-art simulators
Building Time in a Flight Simulator

Six Degrees of Motion SIM

Our custom built full six degrees of motion simulator is fully enclosed and creates total movement and actual flight characteristics. It is used for high end training in our high performance aircraft. This includes jet training, turboprop training, large twin engine training and complex aircraft training. We wanted to give an actual aircraft feel that some sims just do not do.


New turboprop facility at Georgetown Texas (KGTU). Booking for training slots beginning August 1, 2022. A totally new facility and full motion turboprop simulator. Contact Jim Minton, turboprop manager for information.

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Aircraft Training Courses

we fly the aircraft we train in


What Pilots have to say about our Simulator and Instructors.


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Latest Articles

Twin Engine and Turbopro Training

My Take on The Pressurized Twin Cessna Line

340/340A (BOTH ARE THE SAME) The 340 is probably the best of the best of the Twin Cessna line.  It is easy to fly and easy to manage on the ground.  With the 4 puck brakes it stops quicker and is easy to maneuver on the ground.  It does not have bad gear problems. You

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Aircraft Brake Failure

Brake Failure: Are You Prepared?

So, “there I was” …taxiing out to depart KHSP Sunday morning from the annual Twin Cessna Convention headed home to Hickory, NC (KHKY) when it happened.  Nice weather prevailed for a short, 45-minute flight from what can only be characterized as a terrific four days at the convention in Hot Springs, VA.  Before engine start,

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Know your aircraft systems

Know Your Aircraft Systems

In our “ongoing” subject of AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS I want to reflect on an accident case I have involving a Cessna 421B. The plane was attempting to land at a paved airstrip that belonged to the owner of the aircraft. The strip was located in a cornfield. On the final to the base leg the aircraft

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Aircraft Maintenance is Key to Safety

Aircraft Maintenance is the Key to Safety

We have tried in training to repeatedly tell pilots that the maintenance on their aircraft are the key to safety, step one.  No matter what a  great pilot you are and how well you know the systems of the aircraft if you do not use a mechanic or service facility that knows your airplane like it was their

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Explore the Texas Hill Country

Bring your family for extra days. We are just a little over an hour out of Austin and we are loaded with recreation sites. Below are some of the most iconic towns in the area that make up the Texas Hill Country.

  • San Marcos
  • Marble Falls
  • Boerne
  • New Braunfels
  • Wimberley
  • Canyon Lake/Spring Branch
  • Fredericksburg
  • Kerrville
  • Luckenbach

Even Burnet has Park Road 4 and the Longhorn Caverns just 10 miles from Aircraft Simulator Training. We have Lake LBJ and Canyon Lake as well as Lake Buchanan. The Hill Country of Texas has some of the most glamorous views and scenery in the United States. It is known for its water recreation and camping.

One hour from our school Fredericksburg has vineyards, wine tasting and old world charm of German shops and restaurants. We have great overnight facilities from very reasonable to five star hotels and resorts. Three days extra will let you cover a lot of beautiful Texas Hill Country.

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