Month: September 2019

Recurrent Twin Cessna and Piper Navajo Training at Aircraft Simulator Training

What the underwriters want on recurrent Twin Cessna and Piper Navajo training is that you work as a team with your training facility. They want to see if you have developed any habits that may not be conducive to safe operation of your Twin Cessna or Piper Navajo.

Twin Cessna Training Facility

Aircraft Simulator Training, a Twin Cessna training facility, is finishing their Central United States facility in Burnet, Texas at Craddock Field (KBMQ). Based on its previous record in California, the new facility is designed to handle four simulators including the only full-motion, six-degree-of-freedom, general aviation simulator. They are taking reservations for training. Training for Twin

Even a Mooney can be Tricky

Even though I am the lead twin instructor at Aircraft Simulator Training, my commuter office aircraft is my Mooney. As I have aged I am more a twin engine guy with about 50 hours a month in the air mostly twins.  I not only use my aircraft for training but I commute in my twins.