Year: 2019

Systems in the Air Can and Should Be Handled Differently Than Systems on the Ground

All good instructors teach systems. Some teach the systems as maintenance items while the plane is in the hanger or being preflighted. This may sound silly but sometimes the systems in the air are treated differently than they are on the ground. In a potential emergency situation or in an emergency situation, you may need

AST Purchases Property at Burnet, Texas Airport

Just an update on our move to the Austin, Texas area.  We have purchased, yes purchased, property on the up and coming Burnet, Texas Airport (Craddock Field KMBQ) and are waiting our final approval for a through the fence permission which should be coming up shortly.  We are building a large hanger and sim training

Ninety Percent Of Flying Is Understanding The Systems

In our twin-engine insurance initial and recurrent classes, we try to push as much system training as possible.  We do it in the “discussion” sessions and we do it in the sim during procedures training.   I am seventy years old and for the last twenty years my wife has had volume problems when she