Aircraft Simulator Training Moving to Burnet, Texas Airport

Aircraft Simulator Training Moving to Burnet, Texas Airport

Aircraft Simulator Training (AST) has purchased acreage on the Burnet, Texas Airport. Burnet (KBMQ) is located just west of Austin, Texas and has a 5,000 foot runway with RNAV approaches for both runways. We are building a large hanger that will house large jets and large turboprops and our new sim training facility. We will be able to do Flight Reviews, Instrument Competency and Instrument Proficiency training as well as in the aircraft check outs.

We want to thank all of the hundreds of pilots who worked with us in Santa Rosa, California. It became evident in training pilots from not only the United States and Canada, but also the world that we needed to have a much larger on the airport facility. Our new facility will have our full motion and 3 degree of motion sims and will include our new Twin Cessna sim that will cover all models of the aircraft. You won’t have to fly a 414 sim when you own a 340 or 421. We will have dedicated classrooms for systems training.

We plan to be in operation by May 1st of 2019 and will begin scheduling dates for training in March of 2019. We are excited in being in the Texas Hill Country. If you bring your spouse or significant other, there are many venues for them to tour in the area. Fredericksburg, Austin and the lakes such as Lake Travis, Lake Buchanan, Canyon Lake and Inks Lake. There are many overnight facilities in the area from standard motels to high end facilities. We can coordinate rental vehicles for you. Austin is served by Austin-Bergstrom Airport for flights coming in from anywhere, but what we want is for you to bring your own aircraft. Fuel is reasonable and we will be able to hanger your aircraft.

We are close to Waco, Texas home of Air Impressions, Inc. one of the foremost twin Cessna maintenance facilities and RAM. We can arrange to pick you up from the Waco, Texas Airport (KACT – 74 nm) if your aircraft is in for service.

Contact us for more information. Welcome to Texas.