Anyone Want a New Engine?

Aircraft Cracked Engine

Just Start Doing Your Single Engine and Emergency Training in Your Twin Cessna

The engine manufacturers are waiting with bated breath for you to start shutting down your engines and feather those props.  Let’s fly along with that engine shut down.  Let’s get the real feel of flying on one engine, THEN let’s start them up and let’s do it one more time so we get the feel.

WOW that was great.  What is that oil dripping from the front half of the engine?  Never did that before.  But no worries I just completed my “RECURRENT.”

As we and other mechanics say, if you do not have a spare 100K to replace an engine do not buy a Twin Cessna (or other pressurized or turbocharged aircraft.)

Single engine and emergency work is about procedure.  Procedures can be taught in a better manner in a sim and it is cheaper than doing it in your aircraft. 

We have been there, done that with a cracked case. Yes, it had a little age on the engine but we had done, years ago, single engine work in one of our Twin Cessna aircraft.  We have had pilots train with us in the sim who have lost engines and safely used our program to get the aircraft down.  It is just easier and safer in the sim.  The aircraft is a terrible teaching tool.

Train hard, fly safe.

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