AST Purchases Property at Burnet, Texas Airport

Just an update on our move to the Austin, Texas area.  We have purchased, yes purchased, property on the up and coming Burnet, Texas Airport (Craddock Field KMBQ) and are waiting our final approval for a through the fence permission which should be coming up shortly.  We are building a large hanger and sim training building that are separate.  The airport has a up to date 5000-foot runway and has good fuel prices.  There is a great FBO with maintenance and we are just 30 minutes by air away from Air Impressions in Waco. If you have an appointment with Air Impressions, we can pick you up for training. If you fly in, we should be able to put your plane in the hanger overnight.

We are located in the Hill Country of Texas not far from Fredericksburg, Marble Falls, Horseshoe Bay, Austin, and Waco and lots of beautiful scenery.  We are only 45 minutes from Austin for great shopping and great food. 

We will have our three sims and are working with our manufacturer on a separate Twin Cessna sim with new PFD and MFD panels.  Of course, we have been waiting for these updates in sims for several years, but they are starting to materialize by manufacturers. 

We hope to be functional by June 1 of 2019.  You can contact us by email or by phone, but email is preferred during the transition.

To our hundreds of previous pilots, we can’t wait to start back up and to our new friends we will see you soon. 

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