Published by : Rick McGuire

Navajo N55GK Accident

I have been very fortunate to fly many different types of aircraft, from taildraggers with small engines to jets.  I have spent countless hours in commercial aircraft operations, in all types of weather, flying passengers and products at all hours of the day.  If you fly one type of aircraft long enough you know their

Maintaining Instrument Competency and What the Feds Can Do If You Don’t

As you are very much aware, we have a license to fly.  Attached to that license we can have ratings.  The instrument “ticket,” as it is sometimes called, is a rating that allows you to operate under instrument conditions with your license.  What do we need to do to stay current? According to Federal Aviation

FAA To Reinstate 20 Hour Simulator Training Rule

The FAA has initiated the move to return 20 hours of instrument training to Advanced Aviation Training Devices. The proposed new rule on adding the hours back should be in place in the next six to twelve months. The FAA and Congress are working on rules related to drones and that has slowed the rule

Knowledge by Training: Why Train in a Flight Simulator

Aviation is all about procedures. The first time that I became aware of this was early in my career as a flight instructor. I was working with a student doing climbs to altitude, level offs, power reductions, and then the same for descents. We were in a Cessna 150.   During one of level offs and power