Twin Cessna Simulator Training

It’s True – AST Rocks!

Due to Covid and schedule conflicts it took me a while to get down to Burnett, Texas, and do my recurrent training at Aircraft Simulator Training. I’ve been overdue for sim training and I was extremely curious to see if AST would live up to the incredible accolades it has received on our Forum. Here …

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Aircraft Emergency Disconnect

Emergency Disconnect

There have been several aircraft that have had major accidents due to equipment problems.  These problems have been electrical components that have gone “outside their regular job functions” and over controlled the aircraft causing a serious accident or accidents.  One of the recent problems has involved out of control trim problems. When I was at …

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Twin Engine Aircraft Go Around Simulator

For Heavens Sake – Memorize Your Emergency Gear Procedure

I have had to use the emergency gear extension on airplanes several times. Is this a bad maintenance problem from an annual? Absolutely not. Gear problems happen. It happens because the underlying system has problems. In fact, in aircraft problems usually come in twos or threes. In certain airplanes “swinging” the gear is a major …

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Aircraft Cracked Engine

Anyone Want a New Engine?

Just Start Doing Your Single Engine and Emergency Training in Your Twin Cessna The engine manufacturers are waiting with bated breath for you to start shutting down your engines and feather those props.  Let’s fly along with that engine shut down.  Let’s get the real feel of flying on one engine, THEN let’s start them …

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Aircraft Maintenance De-Icing Tips

Heat Things Up – Working the Anti-Ice/De-Ice Equipment

Pitot Heat & Static Ports Pitot heat probes and static inlet ports are primary safety devices in instrument conditions where moisture is present.  Sometimes we get into a “temperature” mode when turning on these items but what we really need to focus on is moisture.   We must remember that heat applied to the pitot/static system needs …

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