Aircraft Simulator Training Moving to Burnet, Texas Airport

Aircraft Simulator Training (AST) has purchased acreage on the Burnet, Texas Airport. Burnet (KBMQ) is located just west of Austin, Texas and has a 5,000 foot runway with RNAV approaches for both runways. We are building a large hanger that will house large jets and large turboprops and our new sim training facility. We will

A Little Aviation Food for Thought

Keep Up with your Location Engine loss at the flight levels? Ask for the widest and longest with the best emergency equipment. Do not pick the one where you car is located, your family lives, or they have restaurants, hotels and taxis. Hitting a 10,000 foot 250 wide military field is a lot easier at

Another Twin Cessna Loss at John Wayne – An Idea Of What Happened

We lost another Twin Cessna 414 (not A) today.  It occurred as it approached John Wayne Airport. For those of you who don’t know about the Twin Cessna line, the 414 was an early adaption of the 421 fuselage using the 340 wing system with the tip tanks.  Compared to the 414A where the fuel

Single Day Emergency Training – Piston Twin Cessna

This course consist of roughly six hours of training. We focus on the basics of engine loss beginning on the take off roll and then proceeding to failure after lift off. We cover the proper technique to verify a “go – no go” decision on the roll before Vr and proper shutdown. We then proceed