Full Motion Simulator Training in Stalls, Spins and Recovery

Can our Sim Spin and Can it Teach You How to Recover? Yes! BY KEVIN BROWN, ATP, CFII-MEI Spins and spin recovery is not required to be taught to private pilot students or even commercial students. Spin training does not even come into the curriculum until you reach the CFI level. Can you imagine teaching

Instrument Currency Training in the Sim

By Art Hayssen and Jim McCord, Instructors at Aircraft Simulator Training If you have ever done any instrument training in an aircraft you know that the aircraft is a terrible teaching tool. What you don’t know, if you have never worked in a high end motion sim, is that you can do so much more for

Loss of Control, Low Ceilings, Instrument Approach

We recently had a serious aviation accident in our own backyard (Santa Rosa, California KSTS.)  It involved two well liked area citizens flying a Comanche 250 on an instrument approach (ILS to runway 32) to the Santa Rosa Airport.  The visibility was extremely low, less than 2.5 miles, and the ceilings were around 400 feet.

Navajo N55GK Accident

I have been very fortunate to fly many different types of aircraft, from taildraggers with small engines to jets.  I have spent countless hours in commercial aircraft operations, in all types of weather, flying passengers and products at all hours of the day.  If you fly one type of aircraft long enough you know their