We are moving the sims into the new building on September 16th, ahead of schedule!

Scheduling must be through an instructor. We want to be able to discuss with you the type of instruction you are requesting so that we may give you an adequate time and scheduling to do the training. We have a varied amount of course training from simple to complex to initial and recurrent models.

You can also send in an email request below and one of the instructors will contact you. We gear our training to you the individual and not just a “canned” program of training. Let us know what you need and we will fit it in.

Several of the simulator training companies never give you a list of instructors. We want you to know who our instructors are and when you request training we will have an instructor available who is best suited for what you need. You can also visit with them prior to your training session.

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Please contact us by email as we can respond quicker due to our training schedule.