Initial Instrument Training

Initial Instrument Training

Date: By Appointment

Course Description

Since the FAA approved a full twenty hours of training that can be accomplished in our simulators, we can provide you the opportunity to be ready for aircraft training in that twenty hours.

Our curriculum consists of initial attitude instrument flying, VOR and GPS tracking, non-precision approaches (VOR and GPS), precision approaches, holding, flying on partial panel, unusual attitudes, departure procedures, standard terminal arrivals and more that can be accomplished prior to training in the aircraft.

With 20 hours in the simulator, we cover everything you will need to know in the aircraft.  When you get into the aircraft you are ready.  No learning curve on the procedures.

Schedule:  20 hours in four days or your schedule

  1. Attitude Instrument flying (proficiency on the gauges)
  2. Tracking
  3. VOR Approaches
  4. RNAV/GPS Approaches
  5. ILS Approaches
  6. Holding procedures
  7. Back Courses
  8. Cross Country
  9. Radio Work

All work done in full simulated instrument conditions.  THERE IS NO HOOD.  THE SIM IS SET UP FOR FLYING “IN THE SOUP.”

Single Engine

Simulator training: 20 hours @ $150/hour = $3,000 (includes instructor)
Aircraft training: 20 hours @ $205/hour = $4,100 (includes instructor)
Average savings: $1,100

Multi Engine

Simulator training: 20 hours @ $165/hour = $3,300 (includes instructor)
Aircraft training: 20 hours @ $290/hour = $5,800 (includes instructor)
Average savings: $2,500

With our program you don’t waste time starting engines, taxiing and other ground based activities.  All your time goes to actual FAA approved training.

You will accomplish more in the simulator and do it in less time and less money. We can simulate actual weather conditions in the simulator: rain, overcast, VFR on top and more. We can schedule around your time and other commitments so you don’t have to wait for “good flying weather!”

Instrument Currency

Required by the FAA every six months to fly using instrument procedures. If you fail to complete the instrument currency in six months you have an additional six months to finish but you are not allowed to file and fly under the instrument rules until the currency is met.

Instrument currency is defined as six approaches, tracking an airway and holding procedures. All of this can be accomplished in the simulator with no need for any aircraft training.

Instrument Proficiency Including Circle To Land

If you fail to complete the instrument currency in twelve months then you have to complete a instrument proficiency plus you must fly one approach in an aircraft to a circle to land. We can furnish the aircraft for the circle to land.

Multi Engine Instrument Training

All of the instrument single engine work can be accomplished in our multi engine aircraft. We have Barons, Twin Cessna’s and Piper aircraft, the same aircraft you train in. This training is available in our motion sims.

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