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We build custom training to fit you and your level of experience.​

All multi-engine training requires that the pilot have an instrument rating and a multi-engine rating. The only exception is if the person is approved by us to work on the requirements for the multi-engine rating and that must be approved by management. We cannot train successfully pilots who are flying multi-engine aircraft without an instrument rating and multi-engine rating.

Our Courses

We offer aircraft training in our simulators as well as live training in our aircraft. 

Twin Cessna Training

Twin Cessna Training

Insurance required training or becoming a safer pilot, Aircraft Simulator Training can help you achieve your objective with our intense and individualized training. We tailor our instruction to fit the experience level and the needs of the pilot we are instructing.

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Introduction Flight Training in Our Twin Cessna

340 and 421C in Aircraft Initial Training

We offer initial and insurance qualification training in our 421C and 340, taught by Rick McGuire.  Rick has owned Twin Cessnas for the past 20 years and continues to fly his 340 and 421C regularly.  If you need to qualify for the “in the air” portion of your insurance policy in a 421 or 340 (some carriers allow 414 “in the air” to be completed in a 340), we can prepare an in the air training program. 

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Intro to Twin Cessna in 340 or 421C Aircraft – For Prospective Buyers

Aircraft Simulator Training offers introduction training in either our 340 or our 421C. If you are interested in purchasing one of these type of aircraft and want to become more familiar with the aircraft before committing, our introduction to flying Twin Cessnas may be perfect for you.  We encourage you to take advantage of our many years of experience owning and flying these aircraft.

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Twin Engine Loss Training

Beechcraft Baron Twin Engine Training

At Aircraft Simulator Training, we train for Beech twins from the Travelaire and the 55 through 58 Barons, including the 58P in our full motion aircraft simulator. If you need an initial or recurrent in the pressurized 58P or just a refresher for a non pressurized Beech twin, In addition to our other sims, we have a G58 Baron sim which we use for the G1000 systems.

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Training for Cessna Conquest models 425 and 441.

Cessna Conquest Turbo Prop Training

Training for Cessna Conquest models 425 and 441.

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King Air Initial and Recurrent Training

Training in our Full Motion Simulator. Our instructors are pilots who fly King Airs regularly. Models C90, 100, and B200.

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Emergency Training – Loss of Control and Spin Training

This Course was designed for Private Pilots and those pilots that want to practice their skills more safely and efficiently in a simulator with excellent visuals and motion. Our goal is to have you leave Aircraft Simulator Training a safer and more confident pilot.

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Emergency Engine Loss

We offer loss of engine emergency reaction training for Twin Cessnas (all models), Piper Navajos (all models), Senecas, Aztecs, and Beechcraft models (including Duchess and Barons). You will be trained for single engine failure.  The sim work is difficult.   After all, we are simulating an intensely stressful event (engine loss) over and over. Some find it exhausting. We’re ok with that, as long as you come out of the training a safer pilot.  Our job is to give you the personal satisfaction that you can handle your aircraft if either engine fails.

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