Intro to Twin Cessna in 340 or 421C Aircraft – For Prospective Buyers

Course Description

Aircraft Simulator Training offers introduction training in either our 340 or our 421C.  If you are interested in purchasing one of these type of aircraft and want to become more familiar with the aircraft before committing, our introduction to flying Twin Cessnas may be perfect for you.  This course offers two hours (minimum) in the aircraft, as well as an intro to flying these aircraft in one of our sims.  We will discuss all aspect of the aircraft including systems, operations, and maintenance.  Rick has owned Twin Cessnas for the past 20 years and continues to fly his 340 and 421C regularly.  Rick will answer your questions about Twin Cessnas and the great features they have to offer.

AST owns both a 340 and a 421C that are kept at their facility in Burnet, Texas (KBMQ)

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