340 and 421C in Aircraft Initial Training

Introduction Flight Training in Our Twin Cessna

Course Description

We offer initial and insurance qualification training in our 421C and 340, taught by Rick McGuire.  Rick has owned Twin Cessnas for the past 20 years and continues to fly his 340 and 421C regularly.  If you need to qualify for the “in the air” portion of your insurance policy in a 421 or 340 (some carriers allow 414 “in the air” to be completed in a 340), we can prepare an in the air training program.  If your carrier requires this, or you would just like the extra training, this is performed in one of our plans as an addition to our initial simulator program.  

The air portion consist of multiple landings and cross-country time. We will work with you on your preflight walk around and procedural items such as checklist and airspeed control.

If you wish to have “in the air” training in our aircraft,  please schedule this at the time you schedule your sim training.  

If you are wondering if a Twin Cessna might be the right aircraft for you, please see our Twin Cessna Introduction Flight Training. 

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