Emergencies – How Do We Know What to Teach?

Aircraft Emergencies

Because We Have Been There, Done That, and the Pilots We Teach Reflect It.

Here is a recent text that one of our instructors got from a professional pilot from Canada that took recurrent training:

Hey Chuck! Matthew here. I did AST training with you just over a month ago. I had my first and hopefully last engine failure over a week ago in the climb. I stuck to my training and landed the 421 safely at a diverted airport. As it turned out, my prop governor went and there was no indication at all in flight until it happened. At first I heard the engine go, then all my gauges went to zero, and I can see the prop not moving at all. Happened to me at night in SKC no wind conditions. I was in the climb at 16.5 to 19k ft. Lots of time. The training you guys did with me really helped and it felt like another day of sim lol.      

What we found in years of training and having lost and shut down engines is that the procedures have to come from your subconscious.  The emergency program solutions we teach are short, simple resolutions to the problems you may face and we work the solution until the procedure becomes second nature.  Yes, it gets old but like this pilot said “it felt just like another day of sim.”  

At present we have more than 45 emergency items we cover.  We also work with you if you have any area that you need special help on.  When you take the training we require you have an instrument rating as all of our procedures start out on the “office” which is the panel.  We work with you to stop looking away from the “office.” If you stay on the gauges and get the short synopsis of our training elements down emergency flying becomes second nature.  Like Matthew said above “Stuck to my training . . .” 

Remember, we own two Twin Cessna Aircraft and we teach in them.  This and our sim training makes the difference.

Train hard, fly safe.

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