For Heavens Sake – Memorize Your Emergency Gear Procedure

Twin Engine Aircraft Go Around Simulator

I have had to use the emergency gear extension on airplanes several times. Is this a bad maintenance problem from an annual? Absolutely not. Gear problems happen. It happens because the underlying system has problems. In fact, in aircraft problems usually come in twos or threes. In certain airplanes “swinging” the gear is a major job. In visiting with Air Impressions in Waco, a leading Twin Cessna shop they put a crew on the gear “swing.”

Please, review your POH and get the emergency procedure down. In the electric gear on most aircraft and electric flap aircraft it is simple. Gear selector to OFF, yes there is an off (center position), MOTOR CIRCUIT BREAKER pulled. Remember an electric gear has a MOTOR not an “engine”. Then there is a crank down of “certain” amount of cranks. This is the most important part of the emergency procedure.

Why do we count the number of cycles our gear rotation handle makes? Because if it comes up short YOU HAVE A GEAR RESTRICTION PROBLEM.

Not all gear extension in the manual operations are the same. That is why you do it in the simulator at Aircraft Simulator Training.

Aircraft Simulator Training shows you the RIGHT way to handle a gear emergency in a sim where it saves your aircraft and insurance exposure.

Train hard, fly safe. Find a sim school that knows what they are doing.

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