Full Motion Simulator Training in Stalls, Spins and Recovery

Building Time in a Flight Simulator

Can our Sim Spin and Can it Teach You How to Recover? Yes!


Spins and spin recovery is not required to be taught to private pilot students or even commercial students. Spin training does not even come into the curriculum until you reach the CFI level. Can you imagine teaching a student about stalls and not teaching him about spins and spin recovery when it is a simple three step recovery?

One of the things we required in our DXC Pro Motion II sim was the ability to take primary pilots and train them in stalls and spin recovery. Some sims are not capable of giving you a realistic spin entry and recovery but we wanted our training packages to be able to take a student, put them into a spin situation and get them to train over and over for recovery without a panic situation. In some cases the wrong input can actually put a spin situation into an even more dangerous condition.

You have to be able to recognize a spin problem and be able to recover without going for a checklist. The maneuver to recover has to be smooth and precise. That is what our DCS Pro Motion II will do and will do it safely. In the DCX Pro Motion II you are totally immersed in an actual cockpit of the type of aircraft you fly including twins, turboprops and jets and the characteristics are so close to the real airplane you actually feel as though you are in the aircraft.

Everyone should practice loss of control recovery especially spin entry and recovery. Contact us to schedule your training session. You will be amazed at the realism in the sim and you will leave knowing you can recognize the situation and execute a recovery safely.

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