Icing – How do you Learn to Manage it?

How to handle ice in aircraft

Either in the plane (not good) or a full-motion simulator

One of the items on the “checklist” to make you a better pilot is handling icing. Icing, next to getting caught in a thunderstorm, is probably one of the most serious things you will do. Icing is hard to forecast. What the weather guys do is to restrict a large area and altitudes when there are possible and I mean “possible” icing conditions. It is still a largely misunderstood science. The best you can do with icing warnings are ‘pireps’.

Aircraft Simulator Training has done one better. We have adapted our full motion large sim to simulate icing conditions. We have been able to program this sim to really give you a realistic feel for icing conditions and the dangers such as overweight, cg changes, flight characteristic changes and just plan bad performance.

We can simulate with no deice/anti-ice equipment to see the good, the bad, and the ugly. We can then show you what the removal of ice will do and when and how to do it. Our full motion sim is set up for this.

Icing is not just for winter. I got into ice over north New Mexico in July. It was un-forecasted. Want icing training? We have the sim for you and the instructors who have and do fly ice.

Rick McGuire
Licensed Turbojet Dispatcher Part 121

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