Look Ma, No Hood!

I know a guy who is an excellent pilot. He has an instrument rating. He understands the principles of instrument flying and does a great job on the gauges under the hood. However, when you say, “We have an 800 foot overcast and the tops are at 6000 and we need to fly 450 miles to Whatchamacallit and shoot an ILS approach to 400 feet AGL.”, I always get in response, “No not me, no way, no can do, have an appointment with the proctologist, isn’t going to happen, don’t call me I’ll call you.” and on and on and on. He can’t fly weather because while training for the rating, he only did hood work in great weather.

Training in the sims you DO NOT HAVE TO WEAR A HOOD. Furthermore, we do all the work on the gauges with no outside visibility. We add rain, turbulence and low ceilings. We climb to VFR on top and in our sims, it is just like the real thing. You are immersed in weather during all of your training and it gives you the confidence to actually fly weather after you get the rating. There is no more “I can’t do it” when you need to use the rating.

The bottom line is, when you pass the check ride you can fly weather. There is no reason not to fly weather as you have done in realistically in the sims. At AST, we want your training to be useful in real life situations and you will fly with high time instructors who have done it all and are still doing it. This is our training advantage as opposed to training with a low time instructor who has not “been there, done that.” Flight training is our passion and we would love to discuss a training plan with you. Give us a call or drop us a contact form or email. We will give you a quick response and set up a no obligation tour of our facility.

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