Twin Cessna Training
Dog Rescue Gift Presentation
Shown left to right: Vanessa Minton, Jim Minton, Michelle Goldberg, Glenn Chiappe

Aircraft Simulator Training Helps Supports Dog Rescue Flights

Staci and Rick McGuire, owners of Aircraft Simulator Training, support several organizations that use aircraft to help people and rescue animals.

In September, Glenn Chiappe and Michelle Goldberg flew “Marley” and “Aster” (an amputee dog) to the Gold Ribbon Rescue shelter in Central Texas.

Jim Minton, AST’s Turboprop Training Manager, met them as they landed and presented them with a donation of $750.

Gold Ribbon Rescue, is a non-profit organization that shelters, rehabilitates and places Golden Retrievers in new homes. You can learn more about Golden Ribbon Rescue and the charitable work they do at their website:

Dog Rescue Flight
Glenn Chiappe and Aster, an amputee Golden Retriever
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