Aircraft Simulator on Approach

Steve, Bert, Kent and I love to teach instruments. Of everything the sims can train, instrument training is number one. We can do everything, and I mean everything, in the sims that you can do in the plane and we can do it cheaper, faster and most important, safer. Plus, it counts as 20 hours with the FAA toward your rating.

We can initiate up to 8 approaches an hour and I mean ILS approaches, localizer, VOR, RNAV, DME arcs, you name it and we can do it. Furthermore, we can do it at any airport that has an approach. We can also do holds, STARS, DP procedures and procedure turns at any airport or any fix.

We can start you down on a glideslope, fail the glideslope and see if you picked up the timer or prepared for just a localizer approach with higher minimums. If you didn’t make the changeover, we can work with you to recognize the problem and then do it again, correctly. We can do this over and over until you get it.

I have had new students or students who have wasted time in the airplane, come to us for training in the sim. When a student starts in the motion sim and makes mistakes I tell them, “work out the problem,” meaning figure it out in the sim, safely. I do this because I want the student to “think” about what is occurring and work the problem. If it is too complex we hit the magic “PAUSE” button and discuss and then start it up.

At first, the students state that the sims are harder to fly. Yes they are. Then later after several hours in the sim and after sweat pouring off their brow in sim training, they go to the airplane and low and behold, we get “wow the plane is easier and I am nailing the hood work.” By the way, we don’t have to use a hood in the sim and we can set in any weather, even to ILS minimums. We can crank in wind, rain, ice and turbulence. How hard do you want it? We can do it.

Again 20 hours of sim training can get you totally finished in the procedures of approaches, holds, navigation and partial panel. When you climb in the plane for the 250 mile x-country under the hood you are ready. In fact, we shoot the approaches, holds and procedure turns for the trip in the sim before you fly it. And again did we mention that it is cheaper than the aircraft?

We can work out a program for you. Our phones are answered 24/7. We are ready to help.

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