Testimonial 36

During the aborted takeoff, the checklist fell somewhere and we couldn’t find it. Dan got pissed and was ready to taxi back to the FBO and shut down to find it. I told him that wasn’t necessary and to grab the piece of paper that was folded up on the dash; it was the Xerox copy that you made me. Not really sure why I put it in the plane, but he was impressed that I was prepared. The only other thing I thought I was messing up was the single engine approach. He told me to put the gear down. I said since we are single engine, we will not put any flaps or gear out until we were 1/2 mile out or we broke out and had the runway made. I said altitude and speed are our friends right now. He was glad that I didn’t drop it. Thank you so much for your help! It gave me the experience and confidence needed for this!


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