Testimonial 47

I just finished up the two day course offered by AST and I have to say it was the best simulator training I’ve ever had. First of all, the equipment was the best I have trained on, it’s a new, full motion sim that’s clean, comfortable and more realistic than the others I’ve used and I’ve been to the big schools, the small schools and everything in between. The big plus really is Rick McGuire with not just the ability to teach, but his unique and varied aviation experiences that gives him so many different points of views that he conveys to his students so effectively to help keep us all out of trouble. Those different points of views I’m talking about are from private, corporate, charter and some airline pilot experiences. Also from the maintenance perspectives of an A & P, IA, aviation attorney and most importantly, from a consumer of maintenance services as the current owner of FOUR airplanes! Rick does possess the gift of teaching and I found myself enjoying the experience and dare I say it, having fun learning once again! I was learning so many helpful things that I had never heard before even having been a pilot for 25 years. Whether you’re a low time pilot or an airline captain you will benefit from your AST training as this is so much more the the typical show up and “check the box” experience. Rick, Staci, Trisha and the entire staff are so professional and helpful that I am already looking forward to going back to AST in six months to learn more and experience some more of that Central Texas hospitality.

San Antonio, TX
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