Testimonial 51

AST, INCREDIBLE! So accommodating. Did not arrive until 4 in the afternoon on a Wed. And was met by Chuck waving me to the hanger. Was told to be there by 3:30 however had 40+ kt headwinds which slowed us a bit. Thank you Chuck for getting my bird inside as we had thunderstorms and hail that night.

If you want recurrent training, go somewhere else. If you want advanced trading and challenges, this is the place. Rick is very knowledgeable and passionate about flying and teaching. He is a little “ornery” and so am I so we got along well. Ground school and systems review was an eye opener. Thanks Rick.

I did find out about the emergency brake on my plane, never knew it was there. I would have never tried it before this course. I was able to work out an engine failure which Chuck so graciously gave me at 75 feet during departure and safely returned to the airport no worse for the ware. Thank you Chuck for pushing me and for all the work, especially the black holes with loss of engines. Thanks for getting me in the office.

Now Andrew introduced me to Big Bear and accomplished what no one has ever accomplished before. He tied me up with terrain, high density altitude, gross weight and distractions and just when I thought I made it back safely, I bellied the plane in with a greaser. How embarrassing. The sim is the place for that to happen. Thank you Andrew for helping me realize I need to really pay more attention especially in high stress conditions. They give us landing gear for a reason. :shock:

No question I will be back and I am committed to a six month return. I want more. This place is great and I sincerely appreciate Stacy, Rick’s wife who helped arrange the loaner car, hanger and scheduling. It just doesn’t get any better.

Shenandoah Valley VA
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