Testimonial 53

My grandfather had a motto, “FIND A NEED A FILL IT”.

Rick McGuire has accomplished that with AST. He found There was a significant need for good full motion simulator training in sims that “really work” with excellent instructors.

I have been to flight Safety four times, SimCom 10 times with various other programs in between.

I have been flying for 59 years, Twin Cessna’s for 50 years. I owned a 340 before my 421C that I have been flying since 2005.

If you are a Twin Cessna pilot that might be concerned about your flying skills then I would encourage you to go see Rick’s excellent instructors at AST and get some sim training. If you have just purchased a Twin Cessna then you should absolutely go to AST and fly their Sims.

Rick has used his “extensive knowledge” of instructing in and maintaining these planes to hire great Sim instructors. They have a different technique for handling engine outs that really works and provides an extra margin of safety.

If AST was closer to home I would go every 3 months just to fly their great sims. Rick and Staci McGuire have created an excellent training facility for Twin Cessna flyers.

My favorite AST employee is Jake, you will have to go there to find out who he is.

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