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With around 4,000 hours of Twin Cessna time, I’ve been to the big-name training facilities in the past.  When you buy your Citation or Gulfstream, they are likely a good choice. Not so much for piston twins.  Their simulators are inferior. They are likely to place you with a young low-time pilot, with no experience with your aircraft.  During my last experience at brand X, I needed to help the instructor understand systems.

By Comparison Aircraft Simulator Training is hands down the best in the country!

Best Simulators, best instructors.  Rick McGuire is super sharp on systems and provides outstanding tips that help make our flying safer, help reduce maintenance cost, and get better utilization out of our aircraft. The entire team are pros. They care about the student and want to make sure they get the training they need.  Their loss of engine procedure is superior to any I’ve seen.  Others make it too complicated.  At 200’ you don’t have time for a multistep process.

Jon Gibson
Cessna 414A

I just finished my three day initial training for the 340 Cessna and it was absolutely fantastic!! The classroom was very informative and eye opening! What ever you think you know about a twin Cessna is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what you will learn. You are taught how to really handle engine failures, land safely and use the airplane again. Maintenance, troubleshooting, warning signs of problems as they are starting happen so you can avoid a serious situation.

The instructors are very, very good. They are not intimidating or condescending but teach you how to be a better, safer pilot! My instructor (Lane) really coached me and boosted my confidence level and when I left training I had no doubts that my flight skills had improved.

If you have a twin Cessna (Or any light twin for that matter) do yourself, your passengers and your airplane a huge favor by going to Aircraft Simulator Training in Burnet, Texas. It could very well SAVE YOUR LIFE!

Lloyd Wofford
Jonesboro, Arkansas

My first 300 series initial course for insurance criteria was a big success. Shout out to Rick and Chuck for a smooth transition after many years away from twin piston flying. Appreciated the flexibility in ‘meeting me where I was’ in terms of experience and currency, focusing on what I was needing improvement rather than a ‘standand, one size fits all’. Will be back for recurrent in a year!

Peace, John F.

Just completed my initial training in a B200 King Air at AST in Georgetown, Texas. With over 30 years of multiple type ratings and countless recurrent under my belt I have to say that the level of professionalism knowledge and materials supplied by AST are second to none. Gary and Jim bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table that solidify the training experience. In addition to the FAA approved flight sim withe G1000 avionics suite, this made for a smooth transition into our newly acquired B200 with the NXI. Jim and Gary also have great connections with several avionics and maintenance facilities on the field to answer any and all technical questions that could arise or for demonstration purposes to see first-hand where and how these systems operate. Highly recommend AST and look forward to seeing them again next year.

Fellow Twin Cessna Pilots,

I just returned from Cessna 414A recurrent training at AST in Burnet, Texas. I am pleased to be able to confirm the countless positive comments that I had heard and read prior to attending. The atmosphere was casual with a professional aircraft systems presentation by the incredibly knowledgeable lead instructor Rick McGuire. The instruction was scenario based with an emphasis on the most common problem areas and “gotchas” associated with these complex aircraft. Chuck and Steve handled the simulator training and provided a relaxed, non- intimidating learning environment with a heavy emphasis on engine loss at low altitude. The AST 4-step approach to handling an engine failure at low altitude emphasizes aircraft control and rapid drag reduction that these aircraft require to keep flying. These procedures will, and have, quite literally save lives.

Jessica provided my flight-check and I could not have been more impressed with her knowledge, patience, and encouraging demeanor.

I have flown for over 50 years with the majority of that time in an airline career including 20 years as a check airman. Over that period I received and administered a great deal of training and checking. I can comfortably state that the two days of training that I received at AST was some of the most useful, pertinent, and enjoyable I’ve ever experienced.

Additionally, AST made provisions for my non-current, pilot wife to receive some simulator instruction that left her not only thrilled with the experience, but confident in her ability to fly, and land our aircraft.

Thank you AST for a sharpening, confidence building experience that all light twin pilots should receive. I look forward to next year.

Completed my B-200 Recurrent Training with Aircraft Simulator Training at KGTU yesterday with instructors Gary Lash and Jim Minton. Best training I have ever received in the King Air! The new full motion (6 degree) sim with G1000’s was awesome. Highly Recommended! I will be back to them annually for sure. A bonus was eating at Lupe Tortilla in Georgetown. Wow….best fajitas I have ever had.

Just a quick note (shout out) to let you know that AST must be the most outstanding practical nonsense operationally training programs for twin engine pilots out there! They will teach you their sensible four-step process and give you confidence to recover your aircraft safely if you ever need too. This is my second time back and will be back again! I’m a believer. Why? Because after attending the first time I unfortunately experienced a catastrophic failure inflight. With a 6-inch hole plus in my engine AST’s four step process assured me the confidence to handle the issue with no problems… aircraft, pax’s all on the ground safely. As a matter of fact, 2 of my passengers did not know the engine had failed until one of them noticed the prop was not spinning (feathered) on short final.

Every AST instructor is professional and understand the value in teaching to a student needs. As a military flight instructor in multiple weapons platforms… their skill sets, and instruction techniques are superior. I highly recommend the program and they will teach you what you need to know and how best to fly and handle emergent situations in your aircraft… Guaranteed

R VanHoy

Twin Engine Failure Landed Safely

One of the passengers on the plane the day the engine failed had the FBO guy take our picture as we were leaving. I found where the passenger had posted it on Facebook and blurred the names and I’m giving it to you for AST if you want to add to your powerpoint.

These were the guys on board when it happened. We are not light weights. I’m around 210. Minimal baggage, typically only dirty clothes in paper sacks. The trip uses 100 gallons so I load tips and nacelle tanks for 140 on the return trip. On the trip up I drain the AUX tanks so I know my fuel load with the guys onboard. Admittedly it would have been difficult to lose one on departure as field elevation is 3000 Runway 5700ft. I always keep that thought up front. This was a cool October morning in Texas panhandle. We were at 15k when it happened


Thank you for all you’ve done helping me over the years with flight training.

Larry Frasier

I just wanted to take a minute to write y’all. I completed your training course a month ago, and today the unthinkable happened! I lost my right engine in my 421b at 6000 feet after taking off from Panama City Florida. After an immediate initial shock, the training that y’all taught immediately kicked in! I shut down the engine! The idler gear support pin came off in flight causing oil and smoke coming out the vents of the right engine. From the initial problem to landing at Defuniak Springs Airport was 10 minutes. Y’all’s course was very beneficial and prepared me hands down for that emergency landing on one engine. Again thanks and hopefully this review will help anyone with the decision to do the course!

My grandfather had a motto, “FIND A NEED AND FILL IT”.

Rick McGuire has accomplished that with AST. He found There was a significant need for good full motion simulator training in sims that “really work” with excellent instructors.

I have been to flight Safety four times, SimCom 10 times with various other programs in between.

I have been flying for 59 years, Twin Cessna’s for 50 years. I owned a 340 before my 421C that I have been flying since 2005.

If you are a Twin Cessna pilot that might be concerned about your flying skills then I would encourage you to go see Rick’s excellent instructors at AST and get some sim training. If you have just purchased a Twin Cessna then you should absolutely go to AST and fly their Sims.

Rick has used his “extensive knowledge” of instructing in and maintaining these planes to hire great Sim instructors. They have a different technique for handling engine outs that really works and provides an extra margin of safety.

If AST was closer to home I would go every 3 months just to fly their great sims. Rick and Staci McGuire have created an excellent training facility for Twin Cessna flyers.

My favorite AST employee is Jake, you will have to go there to find out who he is.

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