The Greatest Pilots In The World Crash Airplanes

Aircraft Simulator Training

“I have ten billion piston hours in every piston plane made – why do I need the insurance company to tell me I need training – I know everything.”

We get about one of these every twenty plus pilots that call in. There is a particular model of one manufacturer that pilot who buy one certain twin more than others who constantly does not understand why the insurance companies are so mean to them. “What did I do? I am the greatest.”

The instructors just laugh when we get these statements.

We do not set the rules. I only know that the greatest pilots in the world crash airplanes. Wiley Post was the “greatest pilot in the world” in his day and he killed Will Rogers. In training I can ask three questions of the pilots in front of me on piston aircraft and they will not know the answer and yet they cannot understand why they need training.

When you lose an airplane in flight it is too late to say, “Wow, I wish I would have taken training.”

A Letter From One Of Our Pilots Who Admitted He Wanted And Needed Training

I do NOT own an airplane. I didn’t receive a discount for writing this post. I’m not an employee, business partner or investor. I’m writing this as a recommendation to help others.


  • ATP
  • F/E
  • A&P
  • B-727
  • B-737
  • B-747-4
  • B-757
  • B-767
  • DC-8
  • Flown the Piper twins including:
    • Aerostars
    • Chieftains
    • Cessna singles
    • Super D
    • Citabria
    • Maule M-7 235
    • Extra
    • Pitts S-2C
    • T-6
    • P-51
    • G-II
    • G-IV
    •  and others.

All this and 25 cents might get me a cup of coffee…big deal. I’m NOT impressing anyone and don’t expect to consider the qualifications of those on this forum.

My background means nothing when I climb into a C-340 for the first time. That’s why I went to TRAINING first.

Years spent researching Cessna twins, never flown one, ever.

Didn’t know a thing about the airplane. The spread sheet said the C-340 was the airplane to buy. Rather than buy the airplane, thought it best to get TRAINING in the airplane FIRST. Made the decision to visit Rick McGuire at AST in Burnet Texas and get the ground school, simulator and time in the airplane needed, BEFORE buying the airplane.

The short story is this; AST has to be the finest group of instructors I’ve met in over 30 years in this industry.

It’s not worth questioning or considering another group of instructors in my opinion. Best to give AST a call, set your schedule, attend their training and be overly impressed with the greeting, training, recommendations, one on one help, support and guidance they will provide you. Can’t express how impressed I was with the instruction received from Rick and his impressive staff of Instructors.


I thought I knew a lot about oil pressure and temperature…I knew much about alternators and the definition of Volts and Amps only to find out I knew nothing. I knew it all concerning turbo chargers and waste gates until I sat through Rick’s ground school. I had the electrical system wrong. Thought I knew about tires, brakes, fuel valves and prop governors…I knew nothing. I received Rick’s hand out after Day 1 in class. Returned to hotel, read through it and had to ask myself if I knew much of anything concerning piston twins. An absolute eye opener.

This isn’t your usual classroom teaching.

This is real world experience being taught to you – one on one. This is personal instruction. Rick sits with you as he explains the airplane and its system. Take notes, asks questions. Rick’s knowledge base is simply amazing. I’m convinced the man has forgotten more about airplanes than I’ve learned in 30 years. Superb instructor.

The simulator training is simply outstanding.

It would take pages to write all I’ve been shown and learned.

Remember all you were taught concerning that engine failure? What Rick and his instructors teach you is not what you think it will be. The techniques and procedures are simply eye opening. Did you know your Twin Cessna has an emergency brake? Have you lost an engine at 200 feet and tried to land on the remaining runway…I did, and it was NOT what I expected. How about an emergency descent? Engine failures in IMC, at high altitude airports or when birds strike the windshield? How about a takeoff in Aspen or a drift down single engine? I worked with Chuck and Jim in the simulator and what they taught me is a ‘must have’ for every Twin Cessna pilot.

The Airplane

Every day after ground school and simulator I flew the 340 with Rick McGuire.

Rick flew with me every day, for three days. There is no way I can thank Rick enough for all he taught me. Rick’s attitude, presentation and explanations are perfect. His command of the airplane as the Instructor is exceptional. Rick briefed me on the flight, we flew the flight, we accomplished exactly what Rick wanted to cover while I flew the airplane and had fun. Rick is the Instructor you want to fly with. Can’t over emphasize how much you’ll learn flying with Rick.


Please, call AST and schedule your Twin Cessna training.

Find out for yourself how exceptional Rick and his Instructors are firsthand. Guarantee you will not be disappointed. If you have any questions about my time at AST please email me and I’ll reply as soon as possible.



Even the greatest pilot in the world can learn something from training.

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