Twin Engine Aircraft Single Engine “Go Around” – Don’t Do It!

Twin Engine Aircraft Go Around Simulator

A single engine “go around” on a twin engine aircraft is extremely dangerous and usually is not successful. One of the reasons for training in a simulator on single engine approaches is to get it right the first time.

Our sims are able to simulate a large number of aircraft including twin engine aircraft. We push our training pilots to work single engine approaches beginning with VFR conditions and work down to shooting both precision and non-precision approaches with one engine turning.

We teach students that when you are committed to a single engine approach from the final approach fix to landing it is a “you have to land”. Go arounds are just impossible for most twin engine airplanes especially when you have lost the critical engine (if there is one) and when loaded. Single engine “go arounds” lead to VMC problems which leads to a total loss of control.

Get that approach right the first time. Practice makes perfect.

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