Twin Engine Aircraft Want to Fly on One Engine – Help Them by Training

Twin Engine Training

We possibly lost another Twin Cessna pilot yesterday.  One of my friends notified me this morning in an email with the audio of the pilot addressing the problem with ATC.  It was not pretty.  As my friend stated it sounded like the pilot was under stress.  In reviewing the audio it sounded like he was.

Every week, and for years, I have trained pilots to work on engine losses.  Climb outs, IMC, heavily loaded, lightly loaded, aft cg, long runways, short runways, showing them how to handle the small increments of flight to keep the plane in the air.

It is all about procedures and it is not the procedures of you “father.”  The way we were taught to handle the engine loss for a DPE ride is wrong.  Not a little wrong, a lot wrong.  Overload is not your friend. 

I will continue to state what some pilots think, “I don’t need single engine training, that only happens to someone else.” 

Go look in the mirror.  That someone else could be you.  Think about it.

Proper procedural training is everything.  Consistent yearly training, at a minimum is critical.  Time lapse in training brings insecurity and inability to handle problems in twin engine aircraft. 

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