Year: 2019

Not Your Mother’s Piper Cub

Did you ever wonder why insurance companies on larger twin engine cabin class aircraft require initial and recurrent training? Is it just a ploy to raise rates?  Is it a mad underwriter who just wants you to jump through hoops?  Could it be the aircraft are complex and operating them have to be up to

Flight Instructor, Pilot, Attorney on Multi Engine Training

by Rick McGuire, Attorney This picture (I apologize for the quality) is the result of an engine loss and the pilot not trained to “STABILIZE” the aircraft and bring it back for a landing.  It is a Vmc roll. In this case the left engine was failing or failed, and the right engine was still

Hawaii Aviation Crash – Overload, Stall, Vmc Roll – What was it?

As of my writing this and before the King Air 350 crash at Addison, Texas the A90 King Air used as a “jump” plane failed to maintain altitude and rolled inverted in Hawaii. There is not NTSB initial report out yet but this accident could be a combination of factors. One is overload and if

Wind Shear – It’s Still There

I have not heard a lot about wind shear in the recent years.  I have an Aircraft Dispatcher license and of the license and ratings that I have this one is very important to me.  To qualify for the license, not only did I have to be extremely familiar with turbojet aircraft, but I had