Published by : Rick McGuire

Twin Engine Aircraft Want to Fly on One Engine – Help Them by Training

We possibly lost another Twin Cessna pilot yesterday.  One of my friends notified me this morning in an email with the audio of the pilot addressing the problem with ATC.  It was not pretty.  As my friend stated it sounded like the pilot was under stress.  In reviewing the audio it sounded like he was.

Wake up General Aviation – You are Paying Higher Insurance Premiums because of Boeing’s Screw Up

I have worked with insurance companies for more than thirty years. Insurance is very simple. They all sleep together in the aviation business and when one of the re-insurance groups has exposure they all have exposure. Yes, you are paying for Boeings “screw ups” of the 737 Max with your Cessna 172 premiums. There are

It Won’t Happen to Me: A Twin Engine Loss

As an attorney my office receives a lot of accident cases that we review. Since we do aviation law, this synopsis peaked my attention and deserves to be posted. A recent call from a new pilot who just got his multi-engine gave me a reason to emphasize training. The pilot sent the following narrative of

Recurrent Twin Cessna and Piper Navajo Training at Aircraft Simulator Training

What the underwriters want on recurrent Twin Cessna and Piper Navajo training is that you work as a team with your training facility. They want to see if you have developed any habits that may not be conducive to safe operation of your Twin Cessna or Piper Navajo.