Introduction Flight Training in Our Twin Cessnas

Introduction Flight Training in Our Twin Cessnas

Date: By Appointment

Course Description

We offer initial training and insurance qualification training in our 421C and 340. If you need to qualify for your insurance “in the air” portion of the policy in a 421 or 340 (and usually the 340 will qualify for a 414) we can prepare an in the air training program. The air portion consist of our initial program and the needed air time on our planes.

The air portion consist of multiple landings and cross-country time. We will work with your on preflight walk around and procedural items such as checklist and airspeed control.

Our aircraft are maintained by Air Impressions. We need to be noticed prior to your training in the sim if you wish to have “in the air” training in our aircraft.

We are also happy to work out an introduction flight if you are not sure about flying a Twin Cessna. Contact us for a price and scheduling for a two-hour minimum flight cost. We will discuss the aircraft, procedures in the aircraft and the great features of Twin Cessna aircraft.

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